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about us...

The Jewish Views is a monthly Jewish podcast in association with JW3.

It's available from the beginning of each month.  We speak to some of the biggest names in the community about the stories that matter to you and of course we offer a wide range of Jewish Views...

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We'll record live again soon...

For now, we're not recording the show live at JW3 due to COVID restrictions. We're still recording from home!

What you can hear on July's edition...

Graveyard Crow

The House of Life' heritage visitor centre...

... reopens at Willesden Jewish Cemetery. Ron Finlay tells us more about it.


with Jon Kaye


'2207 South Green Road'... a book by author Janice C Spector. A work of fiction that has been inspired by her own fascinating life story.


with Tony Honickberg


'What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?'...

... is the new book by Michal Oshman which explores fear through talmudic teachings.


with Kate Fulton

Image by Lili Popper


Rabbi Harvey Belovsky explores the lessons we learn from the book of Numbers, as it's around this time we focus on its teachings

Rabbi Harvey Belovski.jpg

with Rabbi Harvey Belovski

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