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The Jewish Views is a monthly Jewish podcast in association with JW3.

It's available from the beginning of each month.  We speak to some of the biggest names in the community about the stories that matter to you and of course we offer a wide range of Jewish Views...

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We're not currently recording the show live at JW3 whilst the Finchley Road site remains shut due to COVID-19

What you can hear on January's edition...

with Phil Dave

Community Coronavirus Response

Richard Verber of the United Synagogue talks about some of the measures being implemented to help Jews practice the religion in spite of COVID-19

with Phil Dave

The Gate by Robbie Gringras

Writer & Performer, Robbie Gringras on his production 'The Gate' which looks at life on a kibbutz and how a simple gate can cause so much division

with Phil Dave

The app that will revolutionise Friday nights

Executive Director of 'OneTable', Aliza Kline tells us how her  application is revolutionising the way Jews across America do Friday night dinners

with Denise Phillips

How to deal with Pesach 2020/5780

Jewish Domestic Goddess Denise Phillips gives us some tips on coping with Pesach for this year and all of the products that are now readily available for the festival 

with Phil Dave

Rabbi Danny Rich announces his retirement

Rabbi Charley Baginsky discusses the legacy of Rabbi Danny Rich , as he announces his retirement as Executive Director of Liberal Judaism UK

with Rabbi Janner Klausner

Rabbinic Thought for the Month

How will this Passover be different from all others? We might know the answer to that but hear how it might not be as unfeasible as we may be forgiven for thinking

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