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The Jewish Views is a monthly Jewish podcast in association with JW3.

It's available from the beginning of each month.  We speak to some of the biggest names in the community about the stories that matter to you and of course we offer a wide range of Jewish Views...

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We'll record live again soon...

For now, we're not recording the show live at JW3 due to COVID restrictions. We're still recording from home!

What you can hear on June's edition...

Jewish Life in Dubai the Early Years

Mia Fell talks about living in Dubai and how she was amongst the founding members of the modern-Jewish community that's thriving there today


with Kate Fulton

JW3 Update

What events have started to make their way back to JW3? Director of Programming, Rachel Grunwald gives us an update


with Phil Dave

The Cholera Wedding

Professor of Judaic Studies, Natan Meir talks about 'The Cholera Wedding' which was a peculiar ritual that emerged among East European Jews in the 19th century


with Tony Honickberg

The Three Weeks

Jewish Domestic Goddess, Denise Phillips offers some vegetarian inspired culinary delights in time for 'The Three Weeks

Denise Phillips & Phil.JPG

with Denise Phillips

'Israel faces Iran and the world in a Middle East...

...with an uncertain America'. London-based Middle East analyst, Jonathan Paris talks about this fascinating event, as well as reaction to the recent Gaza conflict


with Jon Kaye


Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg draws the parallels between the journeys seen in the book of Numbers and the route out of COVID restrictions

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg.jpg

with Rabbi Wittenberg

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