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The Jewish Views is a monthly Jewish podcast in association with JW3.

It's available from the beginning of each month.  We speak to some of the biggest names in the community about the stories that matter to you and of course we offer a wide range of Jewish Views...

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We'd love for you to come and watch the next recording of The Jewish Views on Wed 19th February, midday at JW3

What you can hear on January's edition...

with Phil Dave

AJR's 'My Story'

Debra Barnes from AJR tells us about their 'My Story' project. Where they turn refugee's stories of survival into published books

with Tony Honickberg

Shul Ceiling Collapse

Following the ceiling collapse at East London Central Synagogue, President Leon Silver reveals their plans to save the shul

with Rabbi Wittenberg

Our Rabbinic Thought

Find out why Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg is encouraging us to use this month to plant as many trees as possible and why he has a personal connection to them

with Tony Honickberg

Kosher food guide 2020

Find out why Skittles are back on the menu as Kashrut Researcher, Michal Emanuel chats about 'The Really Jewish Food Guide' 2020

with Phil Dave

'Inside Out Day'

Mental Health Campaigners, Jo & Ariella Novick on why they're encouraging school children to wear their uniforms inside out

with Clive Roslin

'Farewell to Vienna'

Violinist, Lucy Hewson talks about Ensemble Burletta's forthcoming concert at JW3 on Thursday 27th February at 7:30pm

with Denise Phillips

Food & Love

Find out about the link between food & love for Valentine's month. If you'd like more information about 'Date on a Plate' then click on Denise's photo

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